A Bartender's Tale brought to you by Jack Daniel’s, is an animated look into the experiences of eight Brooklyn bartenders. We sorted through entries from all over the borough to find eight of the best stories from behind the bar. We've brought  them to life by pairing each bartender with an animator and turning their stories into eight short videos. For seven days beginning on January 22, readers will be encouraged to vote for their favorite video. The winner will be announced at a private event on January 30 in Williamsburg, CLICK HERE TO RSVP! The bartender who receives the most votes will win a trip to the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, TN.

The Trouble With Pee Wee
A chiuahua predicts the fate of the
Super Bowl. Or not.

Featuring Jesse Sullivan
Animated by Sam Ferri

The Pride of Brother Paul
Sometimes, you have to lose your shoes
to keep your honor

Featuring Jeremy Yokum
Animated by Andrew David Zimbelman

Fairytale of Brooklyn
Luck favors the brave, especially
on St Patrick's Day.

Featuring Mary Guiteras
Animated by Danielle Ash

Snowbunnies, Pirates, and Painters Oh My!
An impromptu dance party,
filmed for posterity

Featuring Rusty James
Animated by Erica Pérez

The Regular
You never know who might be
sitting across your bar

Featuring Jan Bell
Animated by Marina Gagarina

The Puppy Always Knocks Twice
A lost dog finds his way... 

Featuring Diane O'Debra
Animated by Leah Shore

The Third Man
As they wait, they worry.  Will he make it,
after all these years?

Featuring Selma Slebiak
Animated by Jake Nelson

Vince's Birthday
On a snowy night, in the company of
strangers, Transcendence is attained

Featuring Danny Hastings
Animated by Zack Williams